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Queen City Cars & Coffee

If last year’s Queen City Cars & Coffee was great, the show this August was incredible. Over 80 cars turned out on a glorious Saturday morning against the backdrop of the Merrimack River and downtown ManchVegas.  Hosting a car show has been a tremendous learning experience and seeing a tangible improvement over last year’s show was absolutely fantastic.  The shots here were taken by my dad (way to go, daddio!) and you can also check out more photos courtesy of Raced in Anger and Dagger Slade Media. Stay tuned for the date for the 2014 Queen City Cars & Coffee, that will be one show you do not want to miss!


Photo Extravaganza: Cars & Copters 2012

The boys and girls over at Yuppie Racing definitely know how to put on a car show. The first time I heard the name of the show I said what everyone else says when hearing it for the first time. “Cars and copters? Like, helicopters?” Yeeup. A car show, with helicopters. In the immortal words of the Sauce Boss, Harley Morenstein from EpicMealTime. “Take something next level, and inject it with smart ideas. That’s how you do [Yuppie Racing], player.” Or something like that.

There are a lot of great car shows out there, but none quite like this. Over 1,000 cars turned out for Cars & Copters, now in its fourth year. Everything from exotics to muscle cars to savagely tuned Subarus, Mitsubishis and Nissans turned showed up this past Sunday at the Plymouth Municipal Airport in Plymouth, Mass. This is quickly turning into the premiere car show in New England, and for good reason. Cars & Copters isn’t just about cars and having a good time – money raised from the event was donated to the Jimmy Fund, so keep an eye on the Cars & Copters Facebook event page to find out exactly how much was raised. If this year’s event was anything to go by, the 2013 Cars & Copters show will likely blow your mind. Check out the slideshow of photos below, and get yourself to next year’s show!

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Photo Extravaganza! – Boston Cars & Coffee

I was originally going to wait until Thursday to put this post up, but I’m so fired up about these photos I didn’t feel like waiting any longer. These were taken while I was down at the Larz Anderson Auto Museum in Brookline, Mass for YuppieRacing’s first Cars & Coffee event of the season on April 7th. Over 300 cars ended up turning out on a gorgeous but chilly morning, and spectators were treated to several spectacular automotive rarities – half-a-dozen Nissan GT-Rs, a shatteringly yellow Ferrari 430 Scuderia, a pack of Audi RS4s, and a RAUH-Welt Begriff 930 Wide Body Porsche, which was hands down the coolest car there. If you’re not familiar with RWB, visit their website HERE. While you’re at it, visit YuppieRacing’s website HERE and their Facebook page HERE, too. Enjoy the photos, and I’ll see you at the next YR Cars & Coffee on May 12th!

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New England Forest Rally Photo Extravaganza

TDC had the distinct privelege of attending this year’s New England Forest Rally held in the great green yonder known as the Great North Woods. Stages of the Rally were held in Errol, New Hampshire, as well as several parts of Maine and the event was absolutely spectacular. This was our first time watching a rally and you gain a serious amount of respect for the drivers in this sport being there: they pound their cars through the woods at breakneck speed on brutally rough roads, slam on the brakes, hang the tail out, and drift around corners with the throttle pinned. Awesome.

Shout out to Andrew Pascarella from for being TDC’s fantastic tour guide and teacher, and to Ananda Sieverts from Rally America for being such a gracious host. Head over to Rally America’s website for a wrap up on the 2011 season, and to Pascarella’s flickr page for more photos from the Rally. See you at next year’s NEFR!

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If you like Corvettes…

This past Sunday, the Gate City Corvette Club held their “show-n-shine” car show at the Budweiser plant in Merrimack, NH. It was a fantastic show: Perfect weather, tons of people, great location, and more ‘Vettes than you could shake a stick (or a chamois) at. Check out the sweet photo gallery below, and if you like Corvettes, prepare to have heart palpitations. America, F**k yeah!

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Cars in the wild!

The logo that's making a comeback. If they make more cars like the CTS-V, Cadillac will do just fine.
Welcome to the new photo series on Top Dead Center, Cars in the Wild! Seeing awesome cars at an Auto Show is one thing, or seeing them on a racetrack is certainly another, but seeing an unexpected gem cruising down a back road or sitting in a showroom or pulling into a parking lot is what makes life worth living. That was the drive behind the Cars in the Wild series; we’ll be posting pics of the rare, exotic, amazing as we see them just chillin’ in real life. The inaugural entry is the Cadillac CTS-V, seen at the MacMulkin Chevrolet/Cadillac dealership in Nashua. Stickered at a cool $71,000, the CTS-V is like the fire breathing Satan child of the run-of-the-mill CTS sedan. Caddy stuffed their 6.2 liter supercharged V8 engine into the engine bay, upgraded pretty much every part on the car, and plunked it into the showroom. The CTS-V sedan and coupe make 556 hp and over 550 lb-ft of torque, and it is confirmed to be the fastest four door sedan in the world around the famed Nurburgring racetrack in Germany. If Caddy keeps making cars like this, they will have no problem correcting and sprucing up their image. We can think of no better way to do that than creating a tire-shredding, chromed out, supremely badass luxury car. Bring it on.
The Supremely badass CTS-V Coupe.


If you’ve never been to the New York International Auto Show, yo MUST go. Thousands of cars, more people than you have ever seen in your life, and the most sublime location ever in downtown Manhattan. These stellar photos were taken the last weekend of the show, which was April 30 and May 1. So. Much. Fun. Check out the official NYC Auto Show website at Until then, enjoy the visual feast of photos here, and make sure you book your tickets for next year. We’ll see you at the show!

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