Cars in the Wild

The Audi R8 first appeared on the scene back in 2007 and promptly blew everyone's collective mind. Audi is known for fast cars, but the R8 was their first foray into the savagely competitive supercar market, and its sublime chassis, all-wheel drive grip, sonorous 4.2-liter V8 engine, and striking looks made it an instant classic.... Continue Reading →


Cars in the Wild

One of my all time favorite automotive quotes comes from freelance auto journo Andrew Frankel (@Andrew_Frankel). His experience  driving the almighty Bugatti Veyron for the first time is still the best I've ever read: "When I finally stopped accelerating I had to slow down and do it all over again, just to make sure I... Continue Reading →


If you've never been to the New York International Auto Show, yo MUST go. Thousands of cars, more people than you have ever seen in your life, and the most sublime location ever in downtown Manhattan. These stellar photos were taken the last weekend of the show, which was April 30 and May 1. So.... Continue Reading →

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