We did it! Currently, there are 1,042 views of TDC and we are climbing everyday. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, and a special thank you to those of you who subscribed to the site; this whole blogging/writing articles/editing thing is tough to do when you have a lot of things going on, and it kicks ass that people like what you do and show their support. Thank you!

As promised, those who have subscribed will receive a token of my deep, heartfelt appreciation that you have so righteously earned. And it is this: TDC will be sending you a high quality and framed print of a car photo taken at a local automotive event by some of my incredibly talented camera wielding friends!!! It’ll be a sweet way to keep the car dreams alive and look good while doing it. I’ll be putting those together over the next week or so and I’ll be sending you an email to get the best address to mail the print to. Keep an eye for an email from me soon!

Thank you all again, it means a lot.  Here’s to big dreams, and the coming 100,000 views! TDC 4 Eva!


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