Cars in the Wild

As of late, Manch-ganistan is showing some straight class. TDC has spotted a Roller, a few Bentley’s, a smattering of Maseratis, and now this: Parked under the Bridge Street Bridge, a Ferrari 308 GTB. Yes, yes we will have some of that. Bring it on Manch, let’s see an Enzo and a Veyron Super Sport next.

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  1. HAH! Funny you should mention Bentleys….. my brother lives in a very high-end town in the UK (Prestbury – even sounds posh!) and he mentioned he was at a traffic circle the other day and saw six Bentleys – one behind him, two on the traffic circle and three others waiting at the other roads! You can’t go anywhere around there without seeing a constant flow of Porsches, Ferraris, Lotus, Rolls Royces etc 🙂

    1. So jealous! That’s terrific. Someday, perhaps, Manchester will look like Prestbury. And if we’re lucky, it’ll be that posh! And if it doesn’t, TDC may have to move across the pond to take part in this steady flow of exotic machinery…

  2. Hehe – that’s where I had my first car; a dark blue Ford Fiesta…… had a ski pole handle for the gear shifter and my cruise control for going to ski races was wedging the accelerator to the floor with a ski pole that I braced against the door jam! Ahhhhh, those were the days…… 🙂

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