Adventures of a Wanna-be Racecar Driver

TDC was doing a little consulting with a good friend recently, and an idea for a new TDC Series was born: Adventures of a Wanna-be Racecar Driver. This brilliantly named series would chronicle TDC’s escapades through all types of motorsport. Somewhat surprisingly, New Hampshire has a diverse and varied motorsport history and is home to a large number of racers of all kinds, and the opportunities for exciting racing related pieces for TDC are incredible. Clearly being a racecar driver would be the best thing ever (who wouldn’t want to be like Fernando Alonso?) and this series could provide unique insights into the racing itself and the personalities behind the wheel or at the handlebars.

So, what do you think? Would you like to see a series like this? What do you think of the name of this series? Comment on this post or on TDC’s Facebook page and speak your mind on this. TDC is actually heading to the Team O’Neil Rally School this coming Monday so we can kick off this new series. Bring on the comments!

4 thoughts on “Adventures of a Wanna-be Racecar Driver

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    1. Not totally sure. There will be a new post going up about my recent Miata/fall driving excursion hitting the site by Thursday, and am planning on having the first of the Team O’Neil pieces up by next Thursday.

  1. I think this would be a fun series to follow. I’ve always enjoyed when every day people cover a “fantasy” lifestyle. Especially when it’s something I wish I could do myself.

    1. Thank you, Deej! This series is definitely going to happen. Creating something that follows that “fantasy world” is exactly why I want to start this. That, and there is nothing like having epic things happen and then getting to tell the story! Thank you for your input!

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