Seeing 2011 out, welcoming 2012 in

Like a brilliant and complex sunset, 2011 is slipping under the horizon. The end of another year provides time for reflection, for speculation on what the future may hold, and a re-commitment to not put off all those important things for another year. 2011 was kind of a crazy year what with all the local and global turmoil, the deposing of dictators, the ending of old wars and the starting of new ones.

2011 was a significant year for the automobile as well. It saw the untimely death of several beloved racing drivers, the birth of the new all-conquering BMW M5 and Lamborghini Aventador, one of the most exciting Formula1 seasons in recent memory, the rise of the American car companies as legitimate contenders, and the emergence of EVs as a legitimate path for the future of the car, to name just a few. 2011 was also a big year for Top Dead Center. Starting with a humble Genesis in February, the past few months running TDC has allowed me to do some great things like interview Travis Pastrana and lap Monticello Motor Club, meet fantastic new people and ride in my first Ferrari, develop my writing talents and have a perfectly legitimate excuse to be a card-carrying gearhead.

I wanted to take this time to not only pay tribute to the greatness that was 2011, but to take a look at all the exciting things coming down the road in 2012. Next month alone TDC will showcase an interview with a dirtbiking child prodigy, a feature on an amazing racing team with a focus on children’s charities, a photo extravaganza from the New England International Auto Show, and where in New Hampshire to crack the throttle wide open on your snowmobile. 2012 will also see TDC host an epic car show in conjunction with Guardian Angel Motorsports and New England Blast, and exciting new content from guest contributors.

For me personally, creating TDC has been a tremendously rewarding and challenging experience. Finding the personal discipline to write consistent content that is (hopefully) interesting and fun to read has been far more difficult than I originally thought, but seeing the consistent rise of visits to the site inspires me to dust off the keypad each week and put thoughts into words. It’s also surprisingly more meaningful than I had hoped to have people read your work, comment and post on it, and share it with others. It’s been an incredible experience and I want to say a sincere thank you to everyone who has helped me, whether it was providing story ideas, helping edit pieces, or smacking me upside the head when I made a mistake (which I need. Often.) Although it’s far from perfect and has a lot of growing to do, I am proud of what this site is, and is becoming. I certainly hope you’ll continue to visit here and not only support local journalism, but continue to fuel the dreams that propel you to your optimum combustion.

Here’s to another fantastic year!

– The D

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