Adventures of a Wanna-be Racecar Driver

TDC was doing a little consulting with a good friend recently, and an idea for a new TDC Series was born: Adventures of a Wanna-be Racecar Driver. This brilliantly named series would chronicle TDC's escapades through all types of motorsport. Somewhat surprisingly, New Hampshire has a diverse and varied motorsport history and is home to... Continue Reading →

The Superman of the Trail: It’s a Jeep, it’s a Hummer, it’s a… What is that?

A friend of TDC's named Dave drives what is very likely the coolest vehicle in Southern New Hampshire. You could call it a truck, but take one look at it and you realize that this is no truck. It's certainly not a car, and definitely not an SUV; it essentially defies description. When you watch... Continue Reading →

Cars in the Wild

Spotted in front of the Piccola Italia restaurant on Elm Street in Manchester, NH, this fine automobile was owned by a dapper gentleman sitting in front of Piccola and looked exactly like how you would picture a Bentley owner: Tan, sporting sunglasses and slicked back white hair. When I shouted from my car, "Beautiful car!"... Continue Reading →


We did it! Currently, there are 1,042 views of TDC and we are climbing everyday. Thank you to everyone who has visited the site, and a special thank you to those of you who subscribed to the site; this whole blogging/writing articles/editing thing is tough to do when you have a lot of things going... Continue Reading →

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